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A demesne is a sub-national division of Natopia. The term "demesne" has been in near-continuous use to describe Natopia's subdivisions since 2005. Although originally intended to imply direct feudal subservience to the central government in Lindstrom, the autonomy granted to demesnes of Natopia have fluctuated over the years. Customs, traditions, symbols, cities, and general cultural development have been the primary domain of the demesnes. The imperial government, except in extreme circumstances, allows the demesnes to govern themselves within the limits of the Caprine Code.

Current Demesnes of Natopia

The current Demesnes of Natopia are organized into Eastern and Western Natopia, along with specific Demesnial Unions.

Eastern Natopia

Western Natopia

Demesnial Unions

  • Most Serene Union of Dos Gardenias: Dos Gardenias, Tapfer, Baudrix, Saint Andre, Neridia, Geneva
  • Principality of Arboria: Arboria, Arboria del Sur, Transegale, Mar Sara
  • Universalis: Universalis, Sororiya
  • Imperial Crownlands: Ziegeland, Tas Neemia, Hazelwood, Nova Alrodria, New Dracoheim, Ptia, Lindstrom
  • The Bovic Holy Lands: Naya Island, Athlon

Historical or Past Organizations of Territories

The previous organization of demesnes and their subdivisions and territories included:

  • Principality of Arboria
    • Arboria Proper
    • Transegale
    • Mar Sara
    • Arboria del Sur
  • Most Serene Union of Dos Gardenias
    • Thalassa (demesne)
    • St. Andre
    • Neridia
    • New Alexandria
    • Free Florian State
  • Dynastic Incarnation of the Lands of Flaventia
    • Ziegeland
    • Nova Alrodria
    • Sororiya
    • Tas Neemia
  • Confederate States of Klaasiya
  • Chartered Province of Waffel Plains
  • West Tapfer Federation
    • Opaeghia
    • Massat
  • Principality of Whales