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Cherry Trees

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This article is for the Craitish city. For other similarly-named entities, see Cherry Trees (disambiguation).
Cherry Trees
Nation: Craitland Craitland
Population: 1,437,000
Predominant language: Craitish, English

Main roads:
Major districts: Whiteside

Current mayor:
Cherry Trees.jpg
Map versions: 9.0.0–

Cherry Trees is the capital and largest city of Craitland. Located in the north of the nation, Cherry Trees sits on a bay on the Northern Sea, and is an important port in northern Micras. The city is mainland Craitland's political and economic centre which—coupled with its sizeable population; being home to almost twice as many people as the nation's second-largest settlement Osĵätoņ—has led to a notable cultural influence over the rest of the nation. Cherry Trees is also a popular tourist destination.






Cherry Trees is home to a number of professional sports teams, and regularly stages matches of Craitish national teams in multiple sports.

Amorian football
Association football
Rugby league