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Nilu Sólason

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Nilu Sólason (born 1577 outside Lake Cashma, Hurmu; died 1691 aged 114 at his birth-place) was a Hurmu elder and statesman. He is known for being the father of Liv Dravot al-Osman née Djupvik, and thus being the grandfather of Kaiser Ayreon IV. He was also the grandfather of the late Hurmu senator, regent, and prime minister Patrik Djupvik.

Nilu was born on the shore of Lake Cashma, the son of Arviður Andelarjunarbroðir and Sól Míudottar. He grew up in Hurmu, moving to Elwynn at the age of 13. In 1607, he met a Norse a woman, Kristina Djupvik, whom he married. The family settled in Shirekeep. They had four children, Valdemar (1609), Thorleiv (1611), Oden (1613), and Liv (1615). After the youngest, Liv, had risen to national prominence in 1643, Nilu and his wife moved, at the request of their daughter, to Normark. They visited Shirekeep often, where their children and grandchildren resided, and took a particular interest in Kaiser Ayreon IV, their grandson through Liv, spending as much time as they could with the young kaiser.

After 1651, Nilu began campaigning for Hurmu freedom from Stormark. He visited Craitland's Lakkvia region many times, and was instrumental in ensuring Kaiser Ayreon IV's recognition as honorary Prince of Hurmu. His campaigns saw fruit, and after Stormark's collapse in 1685, he aided the newly established Hurmu Trust Territory and politicians in Lakkvia in bringing about the re-establishment of the Hurmu state in 1690. A year later, he died, aged 114, surrounded by his surviving children and a few of his grandchildren, at the very same place on the north-western shore of Cashma where he was born. A funeral was held a week later in the rites of the Hurmu religion. It was attended by the entire government and Senate of Hurmu.