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Patrik Djupvik

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Patrik Djupvik
Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 1695 AN (13 AN years)
Senatorial positions Commander of the Order of the Holy Lakes (1702– )
Elected 1690, in 1695, 1701, 1707
Faction Traditionalist (until 1707)
United Ayreonist–Traditionalist (from 1708)
Order of the Holy Lakes Line of Arviður
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair colour and style grey
Eye colour brown
Skin colour white
Biographical information
Father Valdemar Djupvik
Mother Trine Katterud
Spouse(s) Mikaela Klaron
Children Samuel (1668)
Johannes (1670)
Date of birth 1643 AN (aged 65 AN years)

Patrik Djupvik (born 1643 AN, aged 65 years) is a Shirerithian-born Hurmu senator (1690– ). He belongs to the Traditionalist faction. He holds both Elwynnese and Hurmu nationality.

The son of Valdemar Djupvik (1609– ) and Trine Katterud (1612– ), his paternal grandsfather Nilu Sólason being a Hurmu émigré, Patrik Djupvik was born in Shirekeep, but grew up in a conservative household of good standing in Konungsheim (Elijah's Rest). Having always been interested in politics but outshone by his aunt Liv Djupvik, he led a quiet and discrete life in Normark, mainly focusing on business in the banking and insurance sectors. In 1689, he decided he would try help his ancestral country by providing his financial skills to it. By 1690, a traditionalist set of members of the Order of the Holy Lakes nominated him to their list for the senate election. He was subsequently elected to the Senate the same year. He is considered a fiscally conservative member of the Senate who scrutinises every single bill for its effects on the taxpayer. Re-elected in 1695 and in 1701.

Married to Mikaela Klaron (born 1645), he has two sons, Samuel (1668) and Johannes (1670). The younger of these two has caused quite a few scandals in Normark.

Patrik enjoys spending time with his five grandchildren as well as hiking.

Preceded by:
Position re-established
Commander of the Order of the Holy Lakes
Succeeded by