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Ardashir Bābakān-e Osman

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Ardashir Bābakān-e Osman
Ardashir Bābakān-e Osman.jpeg
Former Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 1690 AN
Tenure ended 24.XV.1712 AN (22 AN years)
Elected 1690, 1695, 1701, 1707
Faction Humanist
Order of the Holy Lakes Lines Andelarion, Osman, and Line of Tahmaseb
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Race Babkhan
Biographical information
Father Dāryuš Shah, Khan of Raspur
Mother Azardokht al-Osman
Spouse(s) Alissa Guadalim (m. 1699)
Children Ardashir Alamgir Osman (1702)
Date of birth 1661 AN (aged 59 AN years)

Ardashir Bābakān-e Osman (born in Raspur, 1665) is Grand Vizier of Raspur and was a Hurmu nobleman and politician, and former Senator of the Lakes (1690–1712) as well as Minister for Policing and Security in the Cabinet of Daniyal al-Osman. He is affiliated with the senatorial Humanist list and the political party Coalition for Democratic Humanism.

The son of then Kūruš Artashata, Khanzada of Raspur (b. 1642), since 1674 known as Dāryuš Shah, Khan of Raspur, and Azardokht al-Osman, grand vizier of Raspur, Bābakān, as he was known within the family, had a childhood marked by privilege. Peroz, an elder sibling, was stillborn. Thus it was expected that he would follow in his father's footsteps and act as Khanzada (crown prince) of Raspur, a protectorate of Constancia. He has a younger twin brother, Jamshid. On 19.I.1690 Ardashir took possession of the governorship of the island of Zylenisí, representing his first official command. In that same year, on the urging of both their father and the Constancian Autokrator, Jaime Augustin Joaquin Primo de Aguilar, Bābakān and Jamshid were dispatched to Hurmu to represent his sovereigns at the formation of the new Hurmu state. Once Hurmu had been established as an independent and sovereign state, Bābakān was 25 years old. Both he and Jamshid was elected by his fellow humanists in the Order of the Holy Lakes to the Senate. His distant cousin, Daniyal al-Osman, became the prime minister and appointed Bābakān to the cabinet too. As such, holding the Policing and Security portfolio in both the first and second cabinets of Daniyal al-Osman, Bābakān is one of the more powerful people in Hurmu.

As twins, they shared a household in Huyenkula. Ardashir was re-elected to the Senate in 1695 but Jamshid lost his seat in the same election and later departed for the Warring Islands. Ardashir, along with Jamshid, were elected to the Senate again in 1701.

Appointed to the command of Task Force Eesdeheito in 1697 AN. Whilst continuing to spent the greater portion of his time on the steppe, he was nonetheless unable to continue with the avoidance of his duties and was finally obliged to receive a consort on 10.XIII.1699 AN at Seivannavik (Eesdeheito), in the form of the widow of Frederik Haabye Truls, Alissa Guadalim. The ceremony had been arranged by the Khan of Raspur and his mother so as to spare the House of Osman the continued embarrassment of his having remained unwed in spite of having entered his fourth decade of life. Following the termination of the Eesdeheito deployment in 1701 AN, Ardashir returned to the Lake District and focused his efforts upon the organisation of a General Staff for the HPC, as well as pushing through a series of procurements of aircraft and vessels to support the rapidly expanding force. Confirmed as chair of the Senatorial Committee for the Hurmu Peace Corps in 1702 AN, Ardashir turned his attention to Operation Tianhu where two expeditions mounted into the Green of northern Apollonia had vanished without a trace.

In the meantime, the marriage had yielded a son, Ardashir Alamgir Osman, born at Huyenkula on 12.V.1702, who was to be raised at the court of Raspur. In 1708 AN he departed for Raspur so as to assume the mantle of Khanzada and take command of the Grand Commissariat of Eura and Corum.

Appointed Grand Vizier of Raspur on 18.XV.1716 AN, following the departure of his brother to take office in Hurmu.


Preceded by:
Position created
Minister of Policing and Security (Hurmu)
Succeeded by
Linus Truls Thorgilsson
Preceded by:
Vigdis av Reyne
Minister for the State of the Lake District
Succeeded by
Patrik Djupvik
Preceded by:
Runa Sivardottar
Attorney General of Hurmu
Succeeded by
Aivar Viiding