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Zylenisí Sovereign Base Area
Zylen (gn)
—  Dependency of Imperial State of Constancia  —


Location within western Keltia
Nation Constancia Constancia
Established IV.1646 AN
Capital Mirran
 • Military Governor Konstantin Moudros
 • Total 9,791 km2 (3,780 sq mi)
Population (1695 AN)
 • Total 34,702
 • Density 2.06/km2 (5.3/sq mi)
Demonym Zylenian

Zylenisí (Gerenian: Zylen) is a Constancian dependency located in the Skerry Isles in the Sea of Storms. It was located south of Voorpost and west of Lostisland.

Zylenia was founded in 1646 AN in the island of the same name and was incorporated to Gerenia as a dependency under direct control of the government. The island had a Governor appointed by the President. The Governor for the greater portion of the island's time under Gerenian rule was Diren Birnat.

Zylenia, as well as Piraf across the Captive Sea served as naval stations to support and protect the ships that navigated from mainland Gerenia to Gerenian South Keltia.

Constancian Sovereignty

After the collapse of Gerenia, the island was infested by Raskol cannibals until its liberation by a passing allied expeditionary force, one conducting a freedom of navigation exercise between Talenore and the Hoennese island of Nijima in the year 1671 AN. Afterwards, on 5.VII.1677, a new colonial administration, this time Constancian in origin and allegiance, was established on the island - which was rechristened as the Zylenisí Dependency.

Leonidas Drakos was appointed Governor-General on 5.VII.1677 with plenipotentiary authority subordinate only to the Autokrator of Constancia, with authority to detail assets and personnel from the Imperial Armed Forces and the Government as required, and was likewise directed to plan for the construction, sustainable development, and implementation of the intentions of the Autokrator and the Imperial Government for the Zylenisi Dependency,

A Dependency Council was likewise created in 1677, to meet once a week and to provide advice to the Governor-General with respect to the proper government of the Dependency. Appointed to the Dependency Council were Dr Joachim Grobba, Thais Locusta, Aurens Xenophon, Prof. Natalie Dupree, sociologist from Euran University, and Anreas Natanion, late of the ESB Group.

5 Dikastis representing the Dependency were elected and sent to the Imperial Synkletos since the 4th Imperial Synkletos since 1678. In 1686, the Seventh Imperial Synkletos voted out a bill, Establishing a College in the Zylenisi Dependency, fully funded by the Imperial Government. On consensus and in accordance with legislation, this was named Dr Joachim Grobba Memorial College.

On 19.I.1690 the young Ardashir Bābakān-e Osman, Khanzada of Raspur, arrived on the island to assume the governorship and the command of the General Service Corps assets deployed in the region. His brief, received from Trans-Euran Command, was to commence the cleansing of the island of Nijima of all forms of non-human sapient life following the recognition of a Constancian claim to the greater part of that island on the part of the international arbitration authority. This grand hunt was to be undertaken as an act preparatory for the plantation of new settlements. On election of the Khanzada of Raspur to the Senate of the Lakes in 10.VII.1690, the Dependency Council resumed civil rule over the island.

On 1.VII.1699, Imperial Constancian Air Force officer Abeiron Maniakes, second and younger son of George Maniakes, was appointed Governor-General, alongside a reconstituted Dependency Council. Stratárchis Abeiron Maniakes was promoted to command of the Trans-Euran Command on 9.XV.1699 AN, and Antinavarchos (Vice Admiral) Konstantin Moudros, retired, was appointed Governor-General of Zylenisí the next day, 10.XV.1699 AN.


On 10.VI.1675, the Board of Directors of the ESB Group ordered the construction of an airport in the Zylenisi Dependency, as well as planning for flights from the Imperial State to San Francisco via Mirran.

On 15.XII.1676, the construction of flaktowers, and a ziggurat, as well as a new Residency office to complement the airport at Mirran was also initiated by the Board of Directors of the ESB Group.

On 21.I.1677, the Imperial and Emirati Bank of the Sathrati Islands opened a branch in Mirran. Soon after 3.X.1686, ESB Keltia Division, Superabundance Foods, Inc. opened a branch office in Mirran, as well.