Government of Gerenia

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The Government of Gerenia (Gerenian: Gažar Gherenies) exercises executive power in the Republic of Gerenia. It is composed of the President, who is the head of government, and several ministers.


All members of the Gerenian government are nominated by the President of the Republic on the advice of the Parliament. Members of the government must fulfill a certain criteria in order to be elected, such as being twenty-three years of age or older, and having a Gerenian university degree related to the position they intend to hold (for example, a prospective Minister of Economy is required to have a degree in economic studies).


According to the Constitution of Gerenia, the government directs and decides the policy of the nation. In practice, the government writes bills to be introduced to Parliament, and also writes and issues decrees. All political decisions made by the government must be registered in the government gazette and in "árede" (walls where the main news from the government are posted).

The different Ministers of Gerenia often take part in Parliament meetings, expressing their opinions on bills, and giving advice.

In addition to writing and implementing policy, the government is responsible for national defence, and directs the actions of the Gerenian Armed Forces.


The following is the list of extant ministries in Gerenia: