Gerenian Air Force

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Gerenian Air Force
Active 9 July 2012
Branch Air force
Part of Gerenian Armed Forces

The Gerenian Air Force (Gerenian: Mendaräeres Gherenies) is the air force branch of the Gerenian Armed Forces.


The Air Force was founded on 9 July 2012 with only a few aircraft available for service and a small personnel. For almost two years it also lacked a clear structure, although there were two squadrons, based in Mežan and Nueva Junín. In 2014, the Air Force (and the Armed Forces in general) began a process of expansion and professionalisation. In 2015 it was created Äernauția Gherenies (Gerenian Aeronautics), the first domestic airplane producer. Also the number of squadrons raised from two to four.

The expansion is still in progress, as new units will be formed, with new aircraft to be added to the inventory.


The Air Force is organised in two wings and one independent helicopter unit:

  • 1st Wing (Nueva Junín)
    • 1st Attack Squadron
    • 2nd Transport Squadron
  • 2nd Wing (Tawlkar)
    • 4th Fighter Squadron
    • 11th Training Squadron
  • 6th Helicopter Squadron (Klämen)

Aircraft inventory

Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service Notes