Tawlkar (city)

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  City of Gerenia  
Nickname(s): Lead City
Location within Mainland Gerenia
Nation Gerenia Gerenia
Province Adarma Adarma
District Tawlkar
Founded 2012
Population (2018)
 • Total 563,597
 • Rank 3rd
Demonym Tawlkarian

Tawlkar (pronunciation [tʊl'kar]) is a city in Gerenia in Adarma Province, on the left bank of the Camoleo River. Tawlkar is located in the Adarman Highlands. Tawlkar is the largest city in southern Gerenia, as is the centre of industry of the whole country.


The name Tawlkar is a word in Proto-Gerenian meaning Fourth Bridge. The founders of the city chose the name of a Meeredrean city.


The area around Tawlkar has been inhabited by several ethnic groups and nations until the arrival of the Gerenian People. Tawlkar was founded in 2012, and gained city status soon after. The city flourished due to large mineral (especially lead) deposits in the nearby mountains. Due to that fact, Tawlkar is called the Lead City. Population growth depended on coal and lead mining and heavy industry. In mid-October, 2012, Tawlkar was declared capital city of New Adarma Region (now defunct).


Tawlkar lies on the Tanizian Hills, as part of the Adarman Highlands, on the left bank of the Camoleo River (known as Samarne in Gerenia). The climate of the area is humid continental. The average temperature is 7ºC in January, and up to average 20ºC in July. Yearly rainfall averages at 794 mm.


Tawlkar is divided into four zones (Gerenian: semlare):

  • Central District (Semlarkenses)
  • Murnat Hills (Semlar Tarineemurnates)
  • Port District (Semlar Portes)
  • West City (Semlar Västeres)


Notable attractions include:


Tawlkar is a large lead and coal centre. It has several lead mines (Largrusa, Vidok, Žitörik, and Stariŷ Lead Mine) organized into a single, state-owned union: the Gerenian State Mining Company, and a foundry of non-ferrous metals. Tawlkar has also the second largest port in Gerenia (behind Port Elerat).