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This article is about the capital city of Gerenia. For other uses, see Nevaya (disambiguation).
—  City of Gerenia  —
Location within Mainland Gerenia
Nation Gerenia Gerenia
Province Clements Clements
County Gerenian Capital Territory
Founded 2012
Population (2018)
 • Total 25,347
 • Rank 62nd
Demonym Nevayan
Area code(s) 606

Nevaya (pronunciation [nɛ'vaːɪɐ]) is the capital city of Gerenia. It is located within the Gerenian Capital Territory (GCT), 10 km south-east of the centre of Klämen. A resident of Nevaya is known as a "Nevayan".

As the seat of the government of Gerenia, Nevaya is the site of Parliament House, the High Court and numerous government departments and agencies. It is also the location of many social and cultural institutions of national significance.


Nevaya is named after Nevaya River, as the city lies on its banks. "Nevaya" is believed to derive from the Proto-Gerenian word nive, which means "white".


Nevaya was built as a suburb of Klämen (then Clementsgrad) in 2012. At that time, a dispute over whether Clementsgrad of Port Isherwood (today Port Elerat) should be the national capital was taking place. In September, Clementsgrad finally was granted the title, however, the federal government planned to build a brand-new city in a nearby place to function as capital.

The construction never began, as the authorities realised that Nevaya, on the other side of the Nevaya River, was little developed, and its population was not reaching 2,500. During the first half of 2013, Nevaya was expanded and modernisated. By October, when the city was officially inugurated, the population was 8,000. At the same time, the Gerenian Capital Territory was created as a federal district.

Nevaya was granted city status in Gerenia as early as January 2014.

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