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  City of Gerenia  
Location within Mainland Gerenia
Nation Gerenia Gerenia
Province Adarma Adarma
District Adarmamedres
Founded 2012
Elevation 523 m (1,716 ft)
Population (2018)
 • Total 73,122
 • Rank 10th

Tániz (pronunciation ['tanɪθ]) is the main city of the Adarmamedres district, located in Gerenia, in Adarma province, south-east of the Tanizian Hills.


The name Tániz comes from Proto-Gerenian words tarn, which means "movement", "to move", and niz, "light". Therefore, "Tániz" means "moving light".

The reason for such a name lies in the experiences of early settlers. With the area having only a few creeks and some seasonal streams, it used to be said that the presence of water was indicated by "moving lights", which were merely the reflex of sunlight on the water, projected onto the rocky hills.


Tániz is located 523 metres above sea level. The province capital, Tawlkar, is situated 105 km south-east from Tániz. There are a few settlements near the city, minor due to the complexity of the terrain.

According to the 2017 census, Tániz has a population of 73,000.


Tániz was founded in April 2012, named "Álker Viren" (Eagle Fortress), as the seat of the Gerenian Army's Mountain Infantry Battalion. The settlement changed its name for the current only two months after the foundation. The town limits were soon expanded, as coal was discovered in the Tanizian Hills. The growth of Tániz came along with the modernisation of the already existent quarters. Today, coal mining is the main economic activity in Tániz.


Tániz is connected by rail with Tawlkar. There are services five times a day (four times a day on weekends). The city can also be reached by the National Road 40, which runs between Sper in the south, and Baraŷa towards the north, in the Western province.

Tániz has a domestic airport, the Mount Prüsner Airport. There are weekly flights to Port Elerat, Klämen, Mariaville, and San Andrés.

Five bus lines operate in the city. The bus tickets can be purchased in markets and vending machines throughout the city, as it is being tested an electronic system (via mobile phone). A taxicab firm also operate in Tániz. Buses and taxicabs are operated by the Almisia Räleverees Minsipales Tánizes (Tániz Municipal Transport Company).

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