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—  City of Gerenia  —

Nickname(s): City of Swans, Gerenia's Garden
Location within Mainland Gerenia
Nation Gerenia Gerenia
Province Clements Clements
District Sälter
Founded 2012
Population (2018)
 • Total 54,279
 • Rank 16th
Area code(s) 606

Sakal is a city in Clements Province, Gerenia. With a population of 54,000, it is the capital and most populous city in Sälter District.

The historical centre of the city is situated south of Lake Birne, but modern Sakal also incorporates boroughs around the lake and on nearby hills.

Sakal was founded by Länar Begare in the south of Clements on 17 December 2012, between Lake Birne and the Vahada Hills. Since Lake Birne is home to many swans, the newly founded city was nicknamed City of Swans. Its location (midway between Baraŷa and Klämen, and near the Vahada Hills, from where granite and marble can be extracted) resulted in a rapid increase of the population.

The city's wide streets, the rows of different species of tres along them, and a number of squares and parks within give Sakal the aspect of a "garden city".

Founder and Mayor of Sakal Länar Begare abandoned the city in early December 2013, soon after the December Anarchy burst in Gerenia. His post was then taken by Omar Väls, who was re-elected in June 2014.