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—  City of Gerenia  —
Location within Mainland Gerenia
Nation Gerenia Gerenia
Province West West
District Sílița
Founded 2012
Population (2018)
 • Total 62,315
 • Rank 13th

Baraŷa (pronunciation [ba'ra.ʃa]) is a city in Gerenia.

Baraŷa was founded in 2012 in a small plateau known as Króuvița Heights. It was then designed capital city of West. Its first mayor was Vadim Malče, who resigned the following year. His brother Lazan succeded him, and is the current mayor thanks to his re-election in 2015.

With a population of 61,654 in 2015, Baraŷa is the 12th city in Gerenia by population. The city concentrates roughly half of the province's population.