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—  Province of Gerenia  —


Location within Mainland Gerenia
Nation Gerenia Gerenia
Established 8 July 2012
Capital Mergeazes
 • Governor Sabîn Meran (SPG)
 • Total 131,079 km2 (50,610 sq mi)
Area rank 3rd
Population (2018)
 • Total 538,060
 • Rank 5th
 • Density 4.10/km2 (10.6/sq mi)
Demonym Maremedrean

Maremedres is one of the provinces of Gerenia. Maremedres is in the northern part of the country, and it is the third largest of Gerenia's provinces in terms of area. The provincial capital is Mergeazes.


Maremedres comes from Proto-Gerenian word mare, which means region or zone, and Modern Gerenian word medres, meaning north(ern). The most accurate translation is, then, northern region.


Maremedres shares borders with the Gerenian provinces of Ramez and Barzat to the southeast, Clements to the south, and Antemis to the north.

The Northern Sea forms the eastern border. On its shores most of Maremedrean towns are located. The entirety of the province belongs to the Ark Plain. Most of the territory is covered by conifer forests little exploited. The main economic activities are agriculture (cultivation of maize, potatoes, and fishing), and logging.

Mergeazes, located in the east, is the capital and largest city, with a population of about 74,000.


Maremedres was founded in July 2012 through a Subdivisional Charter. After a brief mandate of Elie Siman, Eužine Savada was appointed Governor. Savada, although a member of the ruling Independent Party, supported Communism. In 2013, Savada switched party affiliation for that of the recently-founded Communist Party of Maremedres (CPM). The Communist Party won the province election in July 2013, which meant that Elie Harday would assume as Governor in August. Nevertheless, six days after the election, Savada died from a lung disease, and Konstantîn Vatrîn was appointed as Savada's successor. The Communist leaders began being prosecuted due to their aim for independence; Harday chose to go into exile, and Vatrîn was maintained as Governor despite the general opposition in the province until August, when H. Bastidas assumed office instead of Harday.

With the crisis of late 2013 in Gerenia, the provincial government was suspended, Bastidas resigned, and the Communists declared the Maremedres Free State in 5 December. The Free State was disbanded on the 27th, after a military campaign from the Gerenian Army. In January 2014, Valentîn Heraiz was confirmed as Governor, and returned to complete his mandate (he had replaced Bastidas, but quickly deposed by the Communists).

In July 2015, a new provincial election was held. Like in the 2014 election, the CPM was banned due to is involvement in the anarchy period, and its leaders showed their support to a coalition of Socialists and Populars named "Orange Maremedres". The Independent Party won the election, however, Orange Maremedres accused the Independent Party of fraud. A series of protests in Mergeazes ended with police repression. During August and September, following the refusal from the government to repeat the election, workers of the main ports and of the industries went on strike. They were joined by other labour unions of the province. Orange Maremedres threatened to declare an independent republic. Finally, in October, the national government accepted to talk with the coalition, with poor results. At the end of the year, the government imposed Jorg Debale as new Governor.

In 2017, the local election finally saw winner to the Peace and Liberty Front, created by Socialists and Populars.

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