Gerenian general election, 2017

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The Gerenian general election of 2017 was held on 15–16 July 2017 to elect a President and 10 Provincial Governors. In addition, East Gerenia and Gerenian South Keltia elected their representatives to the Parliament of Gerenia. The latter also elected their Governor.


Incumbent President Gerald Ruze announced in April 2017 that he would not run for another term. The leadership of the Independent Party then chose Mikkel Anerat as candidate. At the time of his designation, Anerat was the Minister of Education. In May he was promoted to the position of Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, which has just been created.

It was the first time that coalitions were formed at national level. In the first day of campaign, the leaders of the Popular Party and the Socialist Party of Gerenia made public the formation of the DMEK (Peace and Liberty Front), with Arien Vasala as candidate. The Hope Party later joined the DMEK. A second coalition between the Reformist Party, the Nationalist Party and several other minor parties was formed, and called Cemîn Edres (Third Way). Their candidate was Arien Läters, of the Reformist Party.


Presidential election

Results by electoral zone:
  Mikkel Anerat
  Arien Vasala
  Arien Läters
Candidate Party/Coalition Votes %
Mikkel Anerat Independent Party 1,278,189 47.57
Arien Vasala Peace and Liberty Front 995,806 37.06
Arien Läters Third Way 285,913 10.64
Blank, null votes 126,869 4.72
Total votes 2,686,777 100.00
Registered voters/Turnout 3,509,991 76.55

Gubernatorial elections

The Governors elected in 2017 were the following:

Parliamentary elections

East Gerenia

East Gerenia was allocated 1 seat at the National Assembly, and 3 at the Higher Assembly.

Political party Votes % Seats
Nat. Assembly High. Assembly
Independent Party 17,919 77.93 1 2
Peace and Liberty Front 4,284 18.63 0 1
Third Way 311 1.35 0 0
Others 40 0.17 0 0
Null, blank votes 440 1.91
Total 22,994 100 1 3

Gerenian South Keltia

Gerenian South Keltia was allocated 3 seats at the National Assembly, and 1 seat at the Higher Assembly.

Political party Votes % Seats
Nat. Assembly High. Assembly
Independent Party 67,635 84.36 3 1
Peace and Liberty Front 9,945 12.40 0 0
Null, blank votes 2,599 3.24
Total 80,179 100 3 1