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Elections in Gerenia include presidential, parliamentary and local elections. Gerenia elects on a national level a President and a legislature. The President of Gerenia is elected for a two-year term by the people. The Aiŷlat has two chambers: the Higher Assembly, with 33 members, and the National Assembly, with 105 members.

The President is elected in odd-numbered years, in general elections. Local authorities are also elected in general elections. Members of the Parliament are elected in even-numbered years. The Higher Assembly, in which the Provinces of Gerenia are represented, is elected using party-list proportional representation. Members of the National Assembly are elected in constituencies (called Electoral zones). In single-member electoral zones, first-past-the-post voting is conducted, while in the rest of the zones proportional representation is used.

Latest elections

2017 Presidential election

Main article: Gerenian general election, 2017
Candidate Party/Coalition Votes %
Mikkel Anerat Independent Party 1,278,189 47.57
Arien Vasala Peace and Liberty Front 995,806 37.06
Arien Läters Third Way 285,913 10.64
Blank, null votes 126,869 4.72
Total votes 2,686,777 100.00
Registered voters/Turnout 3,509,991 76.55

2016 Parliamentary election

Main article: Gerenian parliamentary election, 2018
Political party Votes % National Assembly Higher Assembly
Independent Party 1,410,012 47.23 55 21
Peace and Liberty Front 748,115 25.24 27 10
Third Way 662,771 22.36 23 2
Hope Party 28,674 0.97 0 0
Others 54,776 1.85 0 0
Blank and null votes 82,314 2.78 0 0
Total 2,578,831 100.00 105 33
Registered voters/Turnout 2,964,530 70.08

Past elections

Presidential elections

Parliamentary elections