Socialist Party of Gerenia

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Socialist Party of Gerenia
Beran Sokalistj Gherenies
Abbreviation BSG
President Arien Vasala
Membership  (2014) 9,854
Ideology Democratic socialism
Political position Left
Colours Maroon
National Assembly
21 / 104
Higher Assembly
8 / 31

The Socialist Party of Gerenia (Gerenian: Beran Sokalistj Gherenies) is a socialist party in Gerenia.


The Socialist Party was founded in 2012, before the first election in the country was held. Elie Kolumb was elected first President of the party, and soon gained support from urban workers who wanted to form labour unions, inexistent by the time. In the 2012 parliamentary election, the Socialist Party was the second most voted party, behind the Independent Party.

In 2013, the Independent Party began adopting policies in favour of the working class. Various pieces of legislation were passed, and labour unions were legalized. Kolumb perceived this turn as a competition for their voters, and tried to show the Socialist Party as the alternative to the Independent Party. He also refused to form a coalition with them and with the Popular Party (another leftist party), as some of his supporters asked. In that year's election, the Socialist Party was again the second party by number of votes, but with 30,000 votes less than in 2012.

The Socialist Party continued to decline, and in the 2014 election obtained 11.5% of the votes, and lost 8 seats in Parliament. The votes were lost to the Independent Party and the Popular Party. Kolumb admitted his failure to present the party as an attractive alternative to the other left-wing parties, and to formulate new proposals, and resigned. He was succeeded by Arien Vasala.

In 2015, the Socialist Party formed a coalition with the Popular Party in Maremedres, with a view to the provincial election. The coalition, named "Orange Maremedres" lost to a narrow margin to the Independent Party candidate. Orange Maremedres accused the Independent Party of fraud, and took advantage of the support from the Communist Party of Maremedres to call for a series of strikes.

Presidents of the Socialist Party of Gerenia

# President Born-Died Term start Term end
1 Elie Kolumb 1986– 1 July 2012 1 October 2014
2 Arien Vasala 1988– 1 October 2014

Electoral performance

Parliamentary elections

Year Total votes % Seats won Seat change Government
National Assembly Higher Assembly National Assembly Higher Assembly
2012 545.254 22.46%
22 / 100
4 / 24
+ 22 + 4 Opposition
2013 512,405 20.93%
20 / 100
6 / 24
− 2 + 2 Opposition
2014 338,594 13.72%
13 / 100
5 / 24
− 7 − 1 Opposition
2016 568,632 22.05%
21 / 100
8 / 28
+ 8 + 3 Opposition

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