List of political parties in Gerenia

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This is a list of political parties in Gerenia. Gerenia has a multi-party system with numerous parties, but a single dominant party, the Independent Party of Gerenia.


Parties represented in the Parliament

The following are the parties represented in the Parliament of Gerenia.

Name Abbr. Leader Ideology Political position MPs
  Independent Party of Gerenia
Beran Imdețunes Gherenies
BIG Ims Sanlorä Social democracy Centre to Centre-left National Assembly:
55 / 105

Higher Assembly:

21 / 33
  Socialist Party of Gerenia
Beran Sokalistj Gherenies
BSG Arien Vasala Democratic socialism Centre-left National Assembly:
19 / 105

Higher Assembly:

8 / 33
  Nationalist Party
Beran Netolistj
BN Ábelder Iskandan Conservatism Right wing National Assembly:
16 / 105

Higher Assembly:

1 / 33
  Popular Party
Beran Hantes
BH Marîn Taskîn Social liberalism Centre to Centre-left National Assembly:
8 / 105

Higher Assembly:

2 / 33
  Reformist Party
Beran Venegistj
BV Arien Läters Gerenian nationalism
Right-wing populism
Right wing National Assembly:
7 / 105

Higher Assembly:

1 / 33

Non-parliamentary parties

The following parties are not represented in the Parliament.

  • Communist Party of Maremedres (Beran Somontistj Maremedre'es)
  • Hope Party (Beran Darvees)
  • Liberators' Party (Beran Kesttörees)
  • New Workers' Party (Beran Nozes Rabettörees)
  • Southern Democratic League (Leran Damarazes Soudes)
  • Unitary Party (Beran Svirettistj)

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