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The Gerenian Army is the land-based component of the Gerenia Armed Forces, responsible for the defending sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Gerenia, participating in peacekeeping operations, and providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief.


The Army was established in 2012 with the foundation of Gerenia. The Army was first composed of professionals that had been active in Meeredres, and volunteers. Later, in 2013, it was established the mandatory military service, and the Army and the other branches of the military increased their personnel.

In April 2013, a fraction of the Army participated in the conquest of Helfrich Island, an island north of Gerenia. In December, during the anarchy period, the Army fought the forces of the Maremedres Free State and the Republic of Alĵis in the conflict known as the Restoration Campaign.

In 2015, a reorganisation process began. As a result, the Army is now composed of eight brigades.


Structure of the Gerenian Army

Each army brigade consist of several battalions, usually five.

  • Army Command (Salnat, Klämen)
    • 2nd Military Police Battalion
    • 43th Signal Group
  • 1st Infantry Brigade (Tarpalia)
    • 10th Infantry Battalion
    • 11th Infantry Battalion
    • 19th Cavalry Battalion
    • 12th Engineer Battalion
    • 13th Artillery Battalion
  • 2nd Infantry Brigade (Lävers)
    • 14th Infantry Battalion
    • 15th Infantry Battalion
    • 16th Cavalry Battalion
    • 17th Engineer Battalion
    • 18th Artillery Battalion
  • 3rd Jungle Brigade (Selä)
    • 25th Jungle Infantry Battalion
    • 26th Jungle Infantry Battalion
    • 27th Jungle Cavalry Battalion
    • 28th Jungle Engineer Battalion
    • 29th Artillery Battalion
  • 4th Mountain Brigade (Tániz)
    • 20th Mountain Infantry Battalion
    • 21th Mountain Infantry Battalion
    • 22nd Cavalry Battalion
    • 23rd Mountain Engineer Battalion
    • 24th Mountain Artillery Battalion
  • 5th Armoured Brigade (Gentóul)
    • 30th Tank Battalion
    • 31st Tank Battalion
    • 32nd Reconnaissance Cavalry Battalion
    • 33rd Armoured Engineer Battalion
    • 34th Armoured Artillery Battalion
  • 6th Paratrooper Brigade (Mariaville)
    • 35th Paratrooper Battalion
    • 36th Paratrooper Battalion
    • 37th Paratrooper Battalion
    • 38th Paratrooper Engineer Battalion
    • 39th Paratrooper Artillery Company
  • 7th Army Aviation Brigade (Kadine Vanst)
    • 40th Air Reconnaissance Battalion
    • 41st Air Assault Battalion
    • 42nd Air Transport Battalion
  • 8th Special Operations Group (Nevaya)

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