Helfrich Island

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Helfrich Island
Bare Hälfričes (gn)
—  District of Gerenia  —
Location within Maremedres
Nation Gerenia Gerenia
Province Maremedres Maremedres
Established 2013
Capital Hrivan
 • Total 625 km2 (241 sq mi)
Area rank 38th
Population (2018)
 • Total 8,275
 • Rank 40th
 • Density 13.24/km2 (34.3/sq mi)

Helfrich Island is an island in Gerenia in the Northern Sea. It belongs to Maremedres Province.

Origins and etymology

Helfrich Island has existed since Series One.

The island received several names, depending on the nations that successively owned it. The Gerenian People began calling the island Garlan, which in Gerenian mythology is the name of the aspect of the Nature Forces related to the «unreachable». The current denomination results from a settlement of the same name in the southern shore founded by Gerenians who had left mainland Apollonia, but never claimed the island for their nation. The natives, by their part, call the island Leeria or Leerina.


Helfrich Island is located in the Northern Sea. It is separated on the south from the mainland Maremedres by the Valera Strait, and on the west from the rest of Apollonia by the Ornada Strait. The island is 25 km long and 10-21 km wide. Its coastline is 72 km, and it is rocky and dangerous, especially in the north and the east.

Most of the island is a lowland area, not exceeding 120 metres in elevation, while there is a central highland forming a plateau that rises to just over 350 m.

The climate of Helfrich Island is maritime sub-boreal, tempered by the maritime influence of the Northern Sea which reduces the temperature differences. The average annual temperature is 3ºC. Snow precipitation is abundant, usually accumulating over 300 centimetres in the central parts.


The first settlers came from Treesia, which colonized the island and ruled it for many years. After the collapse of Treesia, Helfrich Island became part of Slobovia, and later Novaya Zemlya and their respective successor states. Helfrich Island also belonged to the United Empire and Amoria.

Since the foundation of Gerenia, during several times of its history, there have been many citizens who left the country to inhabit Helfrich Island. However, the Gerenian government never claimed sovereignty over it. Finally, in early 2013, Gerenia declared their intention to annex Helfrich Island, and organized a military expedition.

The Conquest of Helfrich Island took place in 2013, and although Gerenia could not reach a total military victory, they annexed the island. Today, Helfrich Island is one of the Districts of Gerenia.

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