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Gerenian mythology is rooted in oral history and has been transmitted by storytelling. It centers around nine or ten Nature Forces (Gerenian: Mendarenatures), and explains the existence of the Universe as the result of the interaction of such forces.

The Primordial Union

Traditional mythology in Gerenia tells of the creation of the Universe by a Sniremarizes (Primordial Union). The Sniremarizes ocurred as two "primordial particles" which used to float "in the dislar" (often translated as "nowhere", though it might also mean "void") collided. The impact originated Lent (the Time Force), and liberated Kalatția (Atraction). Lent and Kalatția then began constructing the Universe from the primordial particles, however, their work soon turned into chaos, as the various parts of it became incompatible, and the existence of both forces were in danger. Then they decided to create a third force, called Sinutînzardes (Underlying Essence). The Sinutînzardes relates each component of the Universe (including itself and the rest of the Nature forces) with each other harmonically.

The Nature Forces

Most of Gerenians believe the Nature Forces to be nine, namely: Lent (Time), Kalatția (Atraction), Sinutînzardes (Underlying Essence), Türlattät (Electricity), Dürhali (Circumstances), Ațs (Life), Sáytennatures (Natural Will), Biknéția (Instinct), and Mințeltät (Thought). The latter six (the Secondary forces) were created as the construction of the Universe continued by the other three forces (the Primary ones).

Nevertheless, some Gerenians believe that there is a tenth Force, called Arsul (Destiny). According to the alternative version of the story on the birth of the Universe, the existence of Arsul was prior to the rest of the forces, even of the primordial particles. Arsul caused the Sniremarizes in order to create the Universe, which it did by ruling the Forces that appeared since the Sniremarizes.