Administrative divisions of Gerenia

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Political map of Gerenia, showing first-level divisions

The administrative divisions of Gerenia are concerned with the institutional and territorial organization of Gerenian territory. There are three levels of administrative divisions in mainland Gerenia.

Provinces and Autonomous Republics

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Gerenia is composed of twelve provinces and two autonomous republics, namely Gerenian South Keltia and New Siekeria. These are the two types of first-level subdivisions.

Districts and counties

Provinces as well as autonomous republics are further subdivided in districts and counties. There are 29 districts and 6 counties in mainland Gerenia, 3 districts in Gerenian South Keltia, and 2 districts in Gerenian East Keltia dependency, making a total of 34 districts and 6 counties.


Districts and counties are further divided in municipalities. There are currently 52 municipalities in Gerenia.


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Gerenia has four dependencies in the continent of Keltia, namely: Erisland, Gerenian East Keltia, Piraf, and Zylenia. All these are territories governed by the Ministry of Overseas Gerenia that enjoy a certain degree of autonomy, especially regarding law.