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—  Special district of Gerenia  —

Location within Mainland Gerenia
Nation Gerenia Gerenia
Established 21 May 2018
Capital N/A
 • Governor Jan Bornage (IPG)
 • Total 1,926 km2 (744 sq mi)
Population (2018)
 • Total 715
 • Density 0.37/km2 (1.0/sq mi)

Ugrettöres, officially Viren Ugrettöres Gherenies, is a Gerenian special district, located in Northern Apollonia. The territory was founded in May 2018 as a scientific research base. The main research areas include marine biology, meteorology, climatology, oceanography, geology, and magnetism. In addition, the Gerenian Navy runs a small base to train the Marine Infantry in Ugrettöres' harsh climatic conditions. A fishermen's village is located in the southern end of the territory.