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The Gerenian Navy (Gerenian: Sedtare Gherenies) is a branch of the Gerenian Armed Forces. The navy employs 2,300 people and about 2,000 conscripts are trained each year. Gerenian Navy vessels are given the ship prefix "VSG", short for "Vekar Sedtares Gherenie'es" ("Gerenian Navy Ship"). The Gerenian Navy also includes coastal forces and coastal artillery.


Navy Staff

The current Commander-in-Chief of the navy is Rear Admiral Daniel Lamkes. Since 2016, the Navy Staff has been placed at Prave, in Erstveda Province.

Naval Command

The Naval Command is headquartered at Arina Bay Naval Base. The Command is organised in several branches:

  • Naval Forces Command
    • Naval Forces Staff (Prave, Panormos District)
    • Coastal Information and Surveillance Detachment
    • Naval Academy (Port Elerat)
    • Naval Bases Command
    • Hydrographical Service of the Naval Forces
    • Coastal Forces


Coastal forces

Coastal forces include both coastal infantry and the Marines, as well as the coastal artillery units. The Navy counts on 10 coastal batteries, of which 4 are fixed.

Northern Fleet

1st Division

The 1st Division is headquartered at Arina Bay, Erstveda.

1st Naval Warfare Squadron

Name Type Class Notes
VSG Bregția Battleship Bregția Flagship of the Navy
VSG Tálandor Cruiser Tálandor
VSG Tankberg Destroyer Tankberg
VSG Elerat Frigate Elerat
VSG Hebartör Frigate Elerat

2nd Submarine Squadron

Name Type Class Notes
VSG Avedes Submarine Avedes
VSG Ilak Sawistj Submarine Avedes
VSG Kernel Submarine Avedes
VSG Marval Submarine Marval

4th Patrol Squadron

Name Type Class Notes
VSG Belamates Patrol boat Belamates
VSG Hälfrič Patrol boat Belamates
VSG Tawlkar Patrol boat Belamates

2nd Division

The 2nd Squadron is headquartered at Fusares Bay, Maremedres.

5th Support Squadron

The 5th Squadron is headquartered at Tálnaia, Helfrich Island, Maremedres.

6th Submarine Squadron

Name Type Class Notes
VSG Burne Submarine Marval
VSG Köber Submarine Mergeazes
VSG Mergeazes Submarine Mergeazes
VSG Nesures Submarine Mergeazes

7th Corvette Squadron

The 7th Squadron is headquartered at Sîntke Klement, Barzat.

Name Type Class Notes
VSG Kestția Corvette Kestția
VSG Maiŷnat Corvette Medr
VSG Medr Corvette Medr

8th Patrol Squadron

Name Type Class Notes
VSG Apolónia Patrol boat Belamates
VSG Häsfors Patrol boat Belamates
VSG Ravas Patrol boat Belamates

10th Mine Squadron

The 10th Squadron is headquartered at Taras-1, East Gerenia.

Name Type Class Notes
VSG Adpentistj Minesweeper Adpentistj
VSG Geazmedres Minesweeper Adpentistj
VSG Esgat Minelayer Harne
VSG Harne Minelayer Harne

Eastern Fleet

3rd Division

12th Naval Warfare Squadron

Name Type Class Notes
VSG Kelția Battleship Kelția
VSG Halgia Cruiser Halgia
VSG Darekau Destroyer Darekau
VSG Somgertät Frigate Somgertät

14th Submarine Squadron

Name Type Class Notes
VSG Selvane Submarine Taizun
VSG Taizun Submarine Taizun
VSG Zylen Submarine Taizun

4th Division

13th Mine Squadron

Name Type Class Notes
VSG Ánders Minelayer Ánders
VSG Hestal Minesweeper Hestal
VSG Níhes Minesweeper Hestal

16th Patrol Squadron

Name Type Class Notes
VSG Baklen Corvette Samarne
VSG Samarne Corvette Samarne
VSG Bilnodes Patrol boat Kalamansi
VSG Kalamansi Patrol boat Kalamansi

5th Division

20th Independent Squadron

Name Type Class Notes
VSG Nevaya Corvette Nevaya
VSG Mesonau Frigate Elerat
VSG Sebentes Submarine Taizun
VSG Žalat Submarine Taizun

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