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Traditional Gerenian cuisine is substantially based on meat and potatoes, and on fish in coastal and lakeside areas. The most typical foods in Gerenia are rye bread, karand, Garaman, potatoes and dairy products. Gerenian eating habits have historically been closely linked to the seasons.

First course

The first course in traditional Gerenian cuisine includes potato salad (keverade), often accompanied by beetroot. Siwot, small pieces of fish marinated and fried, are very popular.


Soups are usually part of the main course, though they are sometimes included in the main course. The besap keveres is a soup made with potatoes, meat, and ocasionally noodles. There are several types of soup made exclusively of vegetables (cabbage, beetroot, potatoes, sweet potatoes, garaman, et cetera). The garaman soup is unique to Gerenia. Often soups are blended with cream or milk.

Main course

Meat is usually eaten during the main course, especially in the south, where goats are bred. Goat legs, accompanied with sour cream or cheese and gerezi (a type of bean) compose a traditional dish of southern Gerenia. Beef is more common in central Gerenia: hajade is made of it. Hajade are rolls of meat heavily spiced and roasted. In coastal, riverside and lakeside zones, fish is preferred. Perch can be found in the Maiŷnat River, while eel and herring are typical of the northern provinces (Maremedres, Barzat, Erstveda). Fishes are smoked or marinated.

Gerenia's national dish, however, is karand: a mixture of boiled garaman, minced fish, spices, and cheese. Karand has traditionally been the meal of people throughout the country, with a number of regional variations.

Rye bread is always present on the table as accompaniment of any meal. Wheat is less common (it is mainly cultivated in Clements).


Gerenia's most popular dessert is bielat, which consists on multiple, thin layers of liquor-soaked dough alternated with layers of cream. Berries or raisins may be added, as well.

Several types of fruit cake have a Gerenian origin. Maslîn is an apple cake typical in the north. Kivadpereves ("purple cake") have an exotic purple dough due to the beetroot juice it is made with, and a pink cream ("dyed" with strawberry juice). Kivad Edkales have small pieces of fruits (apple, peach, plum) inside.


Traditional Gerenian alcoholic beverages include viret and krieve, made with rye bread and honey, respectively, while beer is becoming more common in Gerenia.

Ŷíger is a popular, non-alcoholic beverage made with fermented potatoes. Saval is the "soft" version of viret, often altered with spices or beetroot.