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Gerenia flag 2015.png
Use National flag
Proportion 4:7
Adopted 6 November 2015

The national flag of Gerenia was adopted in 6 November 2015. Its field is a tricolour comprising equal horizontal bands of blue, white, and red.

Flag description


In 2015, the Parliament of Gerenia changed the flag, and a brand-new emblem was included in the centre of it. Designed by Amlen Fendare, son of a member of the National Assembly, the emblem consists of a golden eagle (Gerenia's national animal), and the national coat of arms.

As specified by law, the emblem will appear in the flag only, and will not replace the coat of arms as national symbol.


The national flag of Gerenia features three equal horizontal bands of blue, white, and red. Blue, as "the colour of both the sky and the sea" symbolizes nature in general. Red symbolizes the Gerenian People, and white stands for the peace that must rule between them.


According to the law, the flag ratio is 4:7. Before the current flag was adopted, Gerenian flags had an official, "universal ratio" of 27:40.


Flag of New Calarma, July – November 2012
Flag of Gerenia, November 2012 – June 2013
Flag of Gerenia, June 2013 – November 2015
Current flag of Gerenia (since 6 November 2015)

New Calarma flag

Gerenia was founded in Micras as the Gerenian Colony of New Calarma in July 2012. Since then, and until Gerenia's independence in November of the same year, the flag consisted on a red and black cross, which symbolized the power of the motherland, and five vertical stripes of alternating blue and white, the national colours of the United Gerenian Republic (the union of New Calarma and the Gerenian Republic of planet Meeredres).

First republican flag

After the declaration of the Republic, a new flag was designed and adopted. The flag was designed by the Gerenian National Symbols Commission, a special group crated by the government. The flag, appoved and adopted in November 2012, had a white diagonal band from the lower hoist-side corner to the upper fly-side corner. The upper triangle was blue with a yellow circle with the coat of arms in it, and the lower triangle was red.

Second republican flag

In 2013, the flag was changed. The national colours (blue, white and red) were maintained, but the design consisted on three horizontal stripes. The yellow circle with the coat of arms was maintained, centered at a position of one-third the width of the flag, measured from the hoist side.

The flag, adopted in 15 June 2013, would remain unchanged until late November 2015, when the current design was adopted.

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