List of national parks of Gerenia

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This is a list of national parks of Gerenia. It also lists main nature reserves.

There are currently eight national parks in Gerenia, all of them created by the National Protected Areas Act of 2014.

National parks

Map of national parks and nature reserves of Gerenia
Name Gerenian name Location Area (km²) Established
Barmena National Park Fasnetoles «Barmena» Maremedres Province 221 2014
Biren Bay National Park Fasnetoles «Bau Biren» Barzat Province 480 2014
Hederal National Park Fasnetoles «Hederal» Maremedres Province 6,140 2014
Lake Evel National Park Fasnetoles «Evel Noreg» Clements Province 450 2014
National Park of the Lakes Fasnetoles Noregies Adarma Province 1,734 2014
Símer National Park Fasnetoles «Símer» Sängeran Province 2,850 2014
Victoria Island National Park Fasnetoles «Bare Viktoria» Adarma Province 840 2014
Western National Park Fasnetoles Västes Western Province 1,522 2014

Nature reserves

Nature reserves are special zones where all human activity is limited or forbidden. The aim of nature reserves is to have intact ecosystems within Gerenia. Visitors can enter the nature reserves on specific dates only, determined by the National Protected Areas Commission.

There are ten nature reserves in Gerenia (location in brackets):