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Asakar Méeres (English: "World Politics"), is the foreign policy of Gerenia, adopted in 2016. The aim is to transform Gerenia in an advanced country through territorial expansion and economic development.

The ideas which later evolved in the Asakar Méeres first appeared around 2014, several months after the December Anarchy. A number of government officials began expressing the need for Gerenia to achieve self-sufficiency. To this end, territorial expansion in Northern Apollonia would be a key element, and it would also make Gerenia a regional power.

By the end of 2015, a limited expansion to "areas of interest" had taken place, with the creation of Trans-Samarne and East Gerenia.

However, the following year, the general opinion in the Gerenian government changed: in order to accelerate the development of the country, an expansion to other regions was now necessary. This would allow Gerenia to acquire a wider array of raw materials, which would in turn expand the internal market and even make possible to improve trade with other nations.

In 2016, the overseas expansion of Gerenia began with the foundation of Gerenian South Keltia. The continent of Keltia became the main focus of the organised pioneers, who during 2017 helped found the dependencies of Aydaria, Dünits and Beladia, Piraf, the Southern Beneluccas, and Zylenia. Misnir was also founded in that year, in southern Apollonia. In the meantime, Gerenia joined the USSO. The access to the USSO Common Market allowed the country to export and import a number of products and services. This has improved the quality of life of Gerenians, especially in mainland Gerenia.

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