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Flag of Misnir

Misnir (mɪʂ'nir) was a Gerenian dependency located in southern Apollonia, next to Jingdao.


Misnir was officially founded by the then President Gerald Ruze in 8 July 2017, although the settlement of Gerenian people in the area had begun several months earlier, following the so-called "Plan K".

The Plan K was designed by the Ministry of Economy and the Parliament of Gerenia. Its main objective was to reduce the cost of transportation of goods and people from and to the Gerenian dependencies in Keltia by shortening the existent shipping routes. In doing so, the Gerenian ships would also be less exposed to attacks and accidents. Another important aim was to improve commerce with Jingdao, a member of the USSO that participates in the USSO Common Market.

The establishment of a territory in Apollonia, closer to mainland Gerenia and Jingdao, was possible because of the collapse of Flanders. The disappearance of this nation fred up a great amount of land on the shores of the North Raynor Sea. The Gerenian pioneers chose to settle in the western end of the territory previously owned by Flanders, around the city of Newstadt, in Carama Bay. They laid the foundations of Port Meltät 4 kilometres away from Newstadt in June 2017, and immediately after they started repairing the port and several roads.

The foundation of Misnir as a dependency occurred on 8 July 2017 during the inauguration of the Port Meltät Station. At the same time, talks began with the government of Jingdao to link the rail roads of that country with the Misnirian ones. Jan Bornage became Misnir's Governor.

In early 2018 Misnir was ceded to the Empire of Hondon as part of the peace treaty with the Florian Republic during the War of Lost Brothers. In exchange, Gerenia received some land from Jingdao in the Trans-Samarne area. The dependency was officially declared Hondonese territory on 4 February 2018.