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Overseas Gerenia (Gerenian: Gherenia Erelgeazes) consists of all the Gerenian-administered territories outside of the Apollonian continent. These territories have varying legal status and different levels of autonomy, and all have or will have representation in the Gerenian Parliament. Their citizens have Gerenian nationality and vote for the President of Gerenia. Overseas Gerenia includes territories around Keltia, in the Eastern Ocean, the Captive Sea, and the Strait of Pearls.

Constitutional statuses

There are two types of overseas territories: autonomous republics and dependencies. The former have their own Parliament, and their citizens have the right to elect local authorities, including the Governor. Autonomous republics can also write their own constitution. On the other hand, dependencies are ruled by a General Governor appointed by the Ministry of Overseas Gerenia. Gerenian citizens of the dependencies can vote for their representatives in the Parliament.

List of Gerenian overseas territories

Flag Name Capital Population (2018) Area (km2) Status Location
Erisland Erisland Natski 105,754 124,557 Dependency Keltia
Gerenian East Keltia Gerenian East Keltia Aydare 41,686 55,297 Dependency Keltia
Gerenian South Keltia Gerenian South Keltia Darekau 225,731 213,642 Autonomous republic Keltia
New Siekeria New Siekeria Iral 250,569 65,392 Autonomous republic Strait of Pearls
Piraf Piraf Benau 50,831 28,550 Dependency Captive Sea
Zylenia Zylenia Mirran 20,176 9,791 Dependency Sea of Storms

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