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—  Dependency of Gerenia  —

Location within Chelkran Kesh Island
Nation Gerenia Gerenia
Established 7 March 2017
Capital Benau
 • Governor Jane Kavet
 • Total 28,550 km2 (11,020 sq mi)
Population (2018)
 • Total 50,831
 • Density 1.78/km2 (4.6/sq mi)

Piraf is a Gerenian dependency located in the Captive Sea in western Keltia.

The territory was founded in early 2017 and incorporated into Gerenia as a dependency, under direct rule of the government through the Ministry of Overseas Gerenia.

The first Gerenian pioneers arrived at Chelkran Kesh Island seeking for gold in the mountains. At the time, parts of the island were already in possession of the nations of Passio-Corum and Hamland. The first settlement, Benau, was founded on the south-western shore of Chelkran Kesh on 18 February 2017.

The activities of Gerenians in the island were since the foundation of Piraf affected by the Hammish Civil War, although Chelkran Kesh remained relatively safe from the conflict. Still, as a result of the war, the first mining operations in Piraf began as early as June.