Cabinet of Gerenia

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The Cabinet of Gerenia is part of the executive branch of the government of Gerenia. It is composed of the state Ministers. Cabinet officers are appointed and dismissed by the President. There are currently 11 Ministries and two other Ministry-level offices: the Chief of Cabinet, and the Directory for Planning and Regulation.


Ministers assist the President in the exercise of executive power. Each minister is responsible for the general administration of a government portfolio, and heads the corresponding government ministry. Ministers prepare standards, monitor and evaluate federal programs, and formulate and implement policies for the sectors they represent. They are also responsible for establishing strategies, policies and priorities in the application of public resources.

Current Cabinet

Office Incumbent Party
President Mikkel Anerat IPG
Chief of Cabinet Filip Ulrige IPG
Minister of Culture Lusile Áger SPG
Minister of Defence Mikkel Daravet
Minister of Economy Marsel Levat IPG
Minister of Education Enver Duzau
Minister of Environment Mariele Ferantes
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Karl Scets IPG
Minister of Overseas Gerenia Nikolay Käler IPG
Minister of Population and Health Pavele Feirat
Minister of Science and Technology Robert Gerave IPG
Minister of Sport Kamil Sahadîn IPG
Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications Marîn Hálbers
Director for Planning and Regulation Jane Bisat PP