Agriculture in Gerenia

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Agriculture in Gerenia is based mainly on cooperative organisations acting at village- and town-levels, and large scale, intensive farming backed by companies, such as Bážis, Dauno, etc., oriented to export. Although somewhat inefficient, the country's agricultural performance allowed to the establishment of a prominent food industry in Gerenia's early years.

Major agricultural products

Gerenia's climate and topography allow for a wide variety of crops. Mainland Gerenia can be divided in three main regions, each with a characteristic production profile:

  • Northern Gerenia is located in a plain with a soil suitable for cultivation, but mostly covered by forests. As such, logging and fishing in the Northern Sea are the main activities, but potatoes and beetroot are cultivated as well;
  • The Midlands are a broad strip of land in central Gerenia; it comprises the fertile Ark Plain, and low hills to the south of it. Wheat, maize, rye, millet, and sorghum are the main crops. Fruits (apples, pears, peaches) are grown in quantity in Clements;
  • The Adarman Highlands in southern Gerenia are unsuitable for cultivation due to its soil type. Small-sized, dispersed production units are common. Goats and sheep are reared in this region.