Adarman Highlands

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The Adarman Highlands are a system of mountains in Apollonia. Part of the Trans-Apollonian Mountains, the Adarman Highlands include several mountain ranges that form a barrier to east-west travel.


The Highlands are mostly located in Gerenia but extends into Jingdao and Fort Kolgrad. The system is divided into a series of minor ranges that run in southwest-northeast direction, and around Lake Lamantia.

One of the highest peaks of the system is Tankberg in Adarma Province, which is the highest point in Gerenia.


File:Adarman Highlands.png
Map of the Adarman Highlands

The Pavan Mountains form the north-western section of the system, south of the Sawes Plateau. Between the Pavan Mountains and the Camoleo, and in a parallel direction to both, the Ĵarga Mountains are located. The Barenau Mountains are situated to the east of the Ĵarga Mountains, and run from north to south of Victoria Island. The north-east section of the Highlands, east of the Camoleo, are composed of the Muret Mountains and the Medrkineval Mountains, the latter extending into Jingdaoese territory. The Soudkineval Mountains are located south of Lake Lamantia, in Fort Kolgrad.