Lake Lamantia

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Lake Lamantia is a lake on Apollonia on Micras.

Origins and Etymology

Lake Lamantia was not on the early pre-MCS maps. It may have been added on an "Expedition to Hyperion Bay" map developed by Erik Mortis as part of the Union of Apollo States' mapping initiative. It was definitely explored by the time of the MCS, and featured on the Series One maps and all maps since. Matt Lamantia was an early citizen of Audentior and Jasonia known as "the brain", and responsible for founding the nation of Mie that was retroactively placed around the Lake Lamantia region.


Lake Lamantia is a high, alpine lake reminiscent of Lake Titicaca on Earth. The south is almost walled off by the high peaks of the Trans-Apollonian Range, while the north is a steep descend down to the Camoleo Plains. From the lake-bed, one can easily see Mt. Fenrir to the west and Mt. Stone to the east. In reality, the lake exists in such a mountainous area entirely because the work on mountain ranges was done at a different time than the work on lakes, and by an unlucky coincidence the lake ended up right in the middle of a big mountain.


The northern shores of Lake Lamantia were first colonized by Tallandor during Series Four, and later annexed by Treesia. The huge central Apollonian ethnic Slobovian-Incan empire of Prinitica later took over the south. These countries were succeeded by Treithar and Lovely (with the Treitharese capital of Corthar on the lakeside) and finally by Landingberg, who built the inhabited artificial island of Chateau d'Ile in the middle of the lake.


The lake is almost entirely circled by Senya, including the territory of Lamantia, which covers much of the lake's western and southern shores. A small part of Jingdao also borders on the lake's eastern shore.