Counties of Gerenia

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In the Republic of Gerenia, a county is a third-level subdivision type, inferior to provinces. Gerenia currently has six counties.


Counties were conceived in late 2012, when the Subdivisional Charters were sanctioned. Five counties were created through Charters: Balssan in Sängeran, the Gerenian Capital Territory in Clements, Linemeres in Maremedres, Victoria Island in Adarma, and Zalne in Barzat.

In the Constitution of Gerenia, counties as described as subdivisions of Provinces, created with the aim to carry through a rapid development of the lands within. It is also established that counties are ruled by the Executive Power of Gerenia through a Governor.

List of counties

Code County Province Capital
BAL Balssan Sängeran Pilakil
GCT Gerenian Capital Territory Clements Nevaya
KZR Kazria Trans-Samarne Pjsel-Žarnea
LIN Linemeres Maremedres Sargaflus
BVI Victoria Island Adarma Edagari
ZAL Zalne Barzat Alĵis

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