Tawlkar (district)

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—  District of Gerenia  —
Location within Adarma
Nation Gerenia Gerenia
Province Adarma Adarma
Established 2012
Capital Tawlkar
 • Total 1,139 km2 (440 sq mi)
Area rank 36th
Population (2018)
 • Total 701,436
 • Rank 3rd
 • Density 615.83/km2 (1,595.0/sq mi)
Demonym Tawlkarian

Tawlkar is a district in Gerenia.

Tawlkar was founded in a 1,000 km2 zone on the banks of the Camoleo River in 2012. The district comprised the fast-growing Tawlkar city, and the surrounding lands, in which several lead mines were opened.

The biggest urban centre in the district is Tawlkar. There are some small towns in the city's periphery, such as Burne and Heveria Gherenies.