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In Gerenia, a district is a political and geographical subdivision of a province. Gerenia currently has 34 districts.


Districts were the earliest subdivisions established in Gerenia (even prior to provinces), at the time of the Gerenian settlement in Apollonia. At a beginning, districts were geographic entities only, composed of the lands granted to each person or clan. Later, with the construction of cities, districts evolved into administrative units.

During the last three months of 2012, the already existent provinces were divided into both districts and counties, now having their own governments.

District government and organisation

Districts are governed by a District Governor, appointed by the Province Governor. Each district has a capital city, where the Governor resides.

Districts provide some services, including courts, public utilities, libraries, hospitals, parks, roads, and law enforcement. There is a district Mihegtör ("recorder") who collects vital statistics and processes certificates of births, deaths, marriages, and dissolutions.

Districts are further subdivided into municipalities.

List of districts

Code District Province/Republic Capital
ADM Adarmamedres Adarma Tániz
AND Ánders Gerenian South Keltia Ándersskad
ANT Antagar Trans-Samarne Poskka Antagares
AYD Aydaria Gerenian East Keltia Aydare
BOG Bogral East Gerenia Sineda
ČIR Čirona Erstveda Čirona
DEB Dünits and Beladia Gerenian East Keltia Dorne
ELE Elerat Kad Erstveda Port Elerat
GAL Galat West Eget
GRZ Gerze Sängeran Gerze
HÄS Häsfors East Gerenia Häsfors
HEL Helfrich Island Maremedres Hrivan
ÎNH Înhara Maremedres Nueva Junín
IRO Irovy Barzat Kadine Vanst
KAN Kalamansi and Navigator Gerenian South Keltia Arel
KAR Karaklen Clements Surnat
KLA Klämen Kad Clements Klämen
KOV Koval Trans-Samarne Mirĵan
LAS Laskamar Maremedres Modasan
MAI Maiŷnat Ramez Salavul
MEM North Mesonau Trans-Samarne Pareve
MER Mergeazes Maremedres Mergeazes
MES South Mesonau Trans-Samarne Mesonaukad
NEV Nevaya Clements Klavat
NOD Nodera Ramez San Andrés
PAL Palavîn Barzat Taizun
PAN Panormos Erstveda Victoria
PLO Plóman Adarma Sper
PUR Purusklen Sängeran Gentóul
RIH Rihe Barzat Rihe
SAL Sälter Clements Sakal
SAR Sarmat Gerenian South Keltia Darekau
SIL Sílița West Baraŷa
TAW Tawlkar Adarma Tawlkar

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