Gerenian Colony of New Calarma

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Gerenian Colony of New Calarma
Kozongherenslenes'ad Kalarma Nozes
Flag of New Calarma
Coat of Arms of New Calarma
Coat of Arms
Capital Clementsgrad
Language English, Spanish, Gerenian
Religion Traditional beliefs
Government Autonomous republic
 -General Governor Gerald Ruze
Area 822,620 km²
Population 3,895,000 (August 2012)
Currency Panchólar

The Gerenian Colony of New Calarma (Gerenian: Kozongherenslenes'ad Kalarma Nozes) was a state situated in Northern Apollonia. It was established on July 2012 as an autonomous republic (despite having the term colony in its official name), belonging to the Meeredrian Republic of Gerenia, and existed until the proclamation of the Micrasian Republic of Gerenia, later in the year.


The colony was named after Calarma, one of the autonomous regions of Meeredres, the Gerenians' planet of origin. The reason to do so was that the location firstly proposed for the colony had a relief (a montainous north, and low lands dominating the centre and the south of the territory) and climate similar to the ones of Calarma. And although the colony was eventually founded in the north of Apollonia, the name "New Calarma" still remained.


The Colonies' Act

Before New Calarma was founded, Gerenia had territorial claims in two planets: the Earth, and Meeredres. During April 2012, a proposal came up within the Meeredrian government about creating a territory in Micras (as well as in other worlds). The Parliament of Meeredres then decided to create a "Colonies Commission", to be tasked with the investigation of suitable places for colonization, the planning of migration and settlement, and the establishment and organisation of the colony. At the same time, a Colonies' Act (as it was called by the public media) was drafted, discussed, and later voted on the Parliament.

The Colonies' Act was approved on 1 May 2012 by an overwhelming majority. The Colonies Commission then began looking for places to establish colonies in both Micras and Libertas.


As New Calarma was consolidating its development, in Meeredres appeared the 'separatism', a political ideology which had as its main proposal to separate (hence its name) each Meeredrian claim from each other. In September 2013, Karl Ängera (openly separatist) took into office in Meeredres. On 1 October, Meeredres declared independence from the claims in Micras, the Earth, and Libertas, which implied that each claim was granted independence. New Calarma then became the only Republic of Gerenia.


New Calarma was a federal autonomous republic composed of two autonomous regions, further subdivided into eight provinces. The head of the government (during the entirety of the existence of New Calarma, Gerald Ruze) bore the title of Gažartör Iernales ("General Governor").

The autonomous regions, New Adarma (today "Sibirel") and Mayfield (today "Mäeklen"), were ruled by Clemente Ruiz and Sheila Toscano, respectively. They were tasked with the development of each region, and the appointment of the Provincial Governors.

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