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Mäeklen Region

Rînlar Mäeklenes (gr)
Flag of Mäeklen
Coat of Arms of Mäeklen
Coat of Arms
Location of Mäeklen
Capital Klämen
Largest cities Port Elerat, Klämen, Ramez, Čirona, Mergeazes
Demonym Mayfielder
Area 337,124 km²
 - Ranked 2nd
Population 2,987,400 (2014)
 - Ranked 1st

Mäeklen was one of the two regions in Gerenia, on the south shore of the Northern Sea. The capital city was Klämen.


Mäeklen was founded as Mayfield in early July, 2012, as the then Gerenian Colony of New Calarma adopted federalism as its government form. The first governor of the Mayfield Autonomous Region was Sheila Toscano, appointed on 16 July 2012.

Mayfield developed more rapidly than New Adarma (today Sibirel), due to the fact that most of Gerenians chose to settle in the north, and along river Maiŷnat.

During November 2013, the name Mayfield was replaced with the Gerenian word Mäeklen, which is similar in meaning to "Mayfield".

In 2015, Mäeklen was disbanded.

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