Demeĵ disest

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Demeĵ disest
English: Death can not

National anthem of Gerenia Gerenia
Lyrics Vissent Mägers, 2013
Music Frans Karpan, 2013
Adopted November 2013

Demeĵ disest (English: Death can not) is the national anthem of the Republic of Gerenia.


In early 2013, the Gerenian government announced it was accepting submissions from the public for a national anthem. Vissent Mägers wrote the lyrics, as Frans Karpan composed the accompanying score, based on the tune of a Zigmar Liepins song called "Mirt nav slikt'". Mägers' song, called Demeĵ disest ("Death can not") was submitted by October, and it was well received by the government and the public in general. In November of that year, "Demeĵ disest" was adopted as national anthem of Gerenia, after making a slight modification to the lyrics.


The lyrics state the relation between the Gerenian motherland, described as magnificent, beautiful, wonderful, and a loyal people living in it, ready to die for their homeland. The bound that joins the Gerenian people and their land is so strong, so it cannot be destroyed, even by death.

Gerenian lyrics English translation
O, leniĵ!,
Siehed, dažires,
Lansed mit ridne,
Dahne't megire.

O, sieha't,
Mit nilavremția vehigeriosat'ni
Trom ŷée'r sigekg atta'er kelvada.

Po balawi e'tare levenni
Mit mendar sevțes
Et bilatția vrawies.

Blaŷ ios est, ni sohagbi 'ster,
Et ni'iz ravge'er
At ios rimu mesern.

Ha'r cripin'ios?
Bedá demeĵ disest!

Ams gemtavrel
Ațios snired po valez
Spirvios razian-ni,
Sau demeĵiosef bedá ni!

Pradkios lifrinniea nohagbi,
Ŷéer lente penseĵ et hezes
Ios - gherenki!


Oh, great land!
Blessed, magnificent,
Full of glory,
Magic, and wonders!

Oh, blessed be thee,
With your protection we honour you
From the cradle to the grave.

From valleys and mountains you shine
With the force of a sun
And the beauty of the northern lights.

Wherever we might be, you shall always be,
And your light will guide us
Through the night.

Who can stop us?
Because death can not!

Under a same banner
We live together in peace
We breathe because of you,
...So we might die for you!

We promise to never abandon thee,
In good and bad times
We are Gerenian!