National symbols of Gerenia

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The national symbols of Gerenia are the symbols used in Gerenia and abroad to represent the nation and its people. The country has a number of national symbols, some of which are extensively defined by law.

List of symbols

National Flag Gerenia flag.png
Flag of Gerenia
It consists of three, equal in width, horizontal stripes, colored blue, white and red, with the national emblem in the centre. The flag was designed by members of the Parliament; it was adopted as a national symbol on 6 November 2015.
Coat of Arms Gerenia coa.png
Coat of arms of Gerenia
The Coat of Arms has the colours of the first Gerenian national flag. The pick and shovel symbolize the hard work that building a nation requires, in both literal and figurative senses. The open book has a double meaning: it symbolizes the importance of culture, and has an incomplete page, which symbolizes the present being written.
Cockade Cockade Gerenia.png
Cockade of Gerenia
On November 2014, the government decided to create the national cockade with red at its outer border, blue at its centre, and white between both. For government officials and employees, members of Parliament, etc., it is mandatory to use the cockade.
National Anthem
"Demeĵ disest"
(Gerenian National Anthem)
The Gerenian National Anthem, adopted in 2013, was written by Vissent Mägers with music by Frans Karpan. Performance of the anthem is mandatory during all official events, and Gerenians in attendance are expected to stand up and sing it.
Motto Lans ilvet po mîțen
(Everyhting starts in the mind)
It was set at the time of foundation of Gerenia. The motto emphasizes the importance of thought in everyday life. It can be seen in all Sorona coins and banknotes currently in circulation.
National colours




National tree Aspen.png
Floral emblem Henge.png
National animal Golden eagle.png
Golden eagle
National gemstone Topaz.png
National sport Football image.png
Gerenian football.png
Gerenian rules football
National liquor Krieve.png
National dish Karand.png