Everything starts in the mind

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Everything starts in the mind (Gerenian: Lans ilvet po mîțen) is the official motto of the Republic of Gerenia.


It was created at the time of the foundation of Gerenia on planet Earth, in December 2011. The phrase means that every action or set of actions performed by a person, whether physical or mental, have always an origin in his or her mind.


The authorship of the phrase is attributed to Gerald Ruze, founder of Gerenia. By late 2011, when Ruze learned about micronations, he was already running an imaginary nation in a fictitious planet called "Meeredres". In October of that year, Ruze decided to create Gerenia as a micronational project. The main features of his nation were in his mind, in Meeredres. It is said that Ruze coined the phrase "Everything starts in the mind" while thinking that the details of Gerenia had to be thought of before anything about the project could be done.

Although the motto was referred to as official since the foundation of Gerenia in Micras, it really was not. The motto become official as early as September 2014, with the approval of a Presidential decree by the Parliament.

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