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In Wikipedian terms, a micronation is generally a nation not recognised by sovereign states or international organisations. This wiki and its parent site revolve around the idea of micronations, specifically those which claim, or have claimed, land on the fictitious planet of Micras.


The term "micronation" being used for nations based on Micras is not without controversy, both within and outside of the Micras Sector. Traditionally, the primarily-web-based nations found on Micras were considered to be simulationist micronations—as opposed to the secessionist micronations of Earth-based projects such as Sealand and Atlantium—though many participants in the latter category define micronationalism as requiring secessionism as a key part of the nation.

Within Micrasian circles, the historical ties to the secessionist communities of the term "micronation" has caused many to try and redefine the types of projects that Micras houses to better describe them. Terms which have found popular usage include collaborative geofiction, interactive nation-building and political roleplaying, and are used by some to encompass the activity and interaction on Micras in the same way that others still maintain to entitle them as "micronationalism".

Although no particular term has universal usage or as much of an enduring legacy as "micronationalism", they are used interchangeably and are generally understood by members of the community to refer to the same concepts, irrespective of personal preference.