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The Micras Sector is a term used by some micronationalists to refer to the community of micronations that participate in the Micronational Cartography Society's Micras world map project. The vast majority of the micronations in the Micras Sector adhere to non-territorial simulationist ideals, though some territorial micronations have participated in the sector over the years.


The usage of the 'Micras Sector' term became popular with the foundation of the United Republic of Tymaria in 2001, a micronation which merged numerous Micras-based micronations, including those that had no historical connection to the then-popular Apollo Sector group of micronations. As those micronations did not wish to be grouped under the Apollo Sector label, an alternative was required, leading to the usage of the 'Micras Sector', given that it described the common membership of all micronations on the Micras world map project.

The terms 'Apollo Sector' and 'Micras Sector' were consequently used interchangeably by some micronationalists for several years, primarily as a result of the close-knit cultural origins of Micras and the Apollo Sector micronations. The publication of Scott Alexander's definitive community history, Microscope, in 2005 finally cemented the supremacy of 'Micras Sector' versus 'Apollo Sector'.