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Scott joined micronationalism in August 1999 and was deeply involved in the original Apollo Sector, especially Audentior. One of his major achievements of the era was his publishing of one of the most circulated newspapers in micronational history (and largest of the time), the Apollo Fireball. He joined Shireroth for the first time during the Commonwealth of Benacia period, and was a citizen for most of its time as a state in Tymaria. Shortly after the collapse of Tymaria he left the country to devote more time to his work in Treesia, but returned in early 2003.

Scott founded and served as Duke of the Duchy of Elwynn. He also founded and served as both Duke and Baron in the Duchy of Hyperborea. Since its foundation in 2000, Scott has enjoyed filling out Hyperborean culture, although he has a bad habit of changing it around whenever he gets a new idea without always being careful to ask the other residents.

Scott served as Minister of the Exterior from 2003 to 2005, as Minister of Information in early 2005, and as Minister of Trade in mid-2005. His major accomplishments during those periods were forging a strong bond between Shireroth and Antica, making the country more respected abroad, and creating Shireroth's current website.

He also served as Kaiser on two previous occasions. Kaiser Los I helped organize the current system of subdivisions, and Kaiser Los II presided over a turbulent period of political reform and the second ShireCon. Both Kaisers used the Imperial Bloodline of Kalir, named for Kalir Sethan, one of Scott's old Hyperborean names.

He was Kaiser of Shireroth under the name Kaiser Los III, during which time he set up the ShireWiki.