Public holidays in Gerenia

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All official holidays in Gerenia are established by acts of the Parliament.

Public holidays

The following are holidays that mean days off.

Date English Name Gerenian Name Remarks
1 January New Year Biditția Jornes
3 January Hard Labour Day Gahl Rabetiŷes
12 March Shoe Day Gahl Mirehes A day meant to show solidarity to other people.
21-25 June Gereniade Gherenade Five-day festival, consagrated to the Nature Forces.
8 July Foundation Day Gahl Zamdatțies Anniversary of the foundation of New Calarma.
1 September Republic Day Gahl Resuyes Anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic.
5 December Flag Day Gahl Dezlates

National holidays

The following holidays do not give a day off.

Date English Name Gerenian Name Remarks
1 April Language Day Gahl Engrees Day of the Gerenian language.
25 May Culture Day Gahl Kurtures
15 August Opprobrium Day Gahl Veherales A day when people is encouraged to forgive others, and amend errors.
12 December Constitution Day Gahl Karbales
28 December Family Day Gahl Zamles