Maiŷnat River

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The Maiŷnat (pronunciation: [mɐjʃ.'nat], English: Slaughter) is a river in northern Apollonia. It flows through Gerenia and discharges into the Northern Sea in Port Elerat.

The Maiŷnat is 335 km long, and is the second largest river in Gerenia, behind the Camoleo, but the largest one with its entire course within the country.

The Maiŷnat River is formed from the Selawa headwater in central Clements Province, in Gerenia. From that point, it flows eastwards until its confluence with the Büdere, then turnes north-east, towards Tallandor Bay. The main tributaries of the Maiŷnat are the Avedir, the Büdere, and the Forey.

Major settlements located on the river banks include Klämen, Klavat, Nueva Junín, Salavul, Ramez, and Port Elerat. Roughly 20% of the population of Gerenia lives on settlements on the river banks.