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Méeredres (English: Third World) or Meeredres is a planet that belongs to the Lasce system.

Méeredres is the planet where Gerenians come from.


The people of Méeredres call their planet "Lergenia". The denomination "Méeredres" comes from the Gerenian government in Micras in which the worlds with presence of Gerenians were listed without a specific order:

  • First World (Méerodes): the Earth
  • Second World (Méerdeyes): Micras
  • Third World (Méeredres): Lergenia
  • Fourth World (Méerkares): Libertas.

The name Méeredres became unexpectedly popular and of everyday use in Micrasian Gerenia.


Méeredres was settled by peoples that migrated from other planets of the Lasce system circa "Year 0". Although in the following 100 years it was created and developed a writing system, the tribes that inhabited Méeredres preferred to transmit their knowledge orally. In addition, these peoples were either nomads or semi-nomads, due to which little physical evidence of their culture has been preserved. A slow transition from nomadism to sedentarism began circa Year 70 when it was founded the very first urban settlement in south-eastern Gerenia. The tribes, which already were twelve by the time, moved to different regions of Gerenia and founded their own nations. Nevertheless, they were so closely related to each other that as early as Year 120 the northern peoples formed a loose confederation known as Merabel. The union was disbanded after a short time, but a number of similar projects began to appear, some sealed by treaties, some by force. Finally, at the beginning of Year 151, it was founded the Republic of Gerenia as a republic composed of 20 provinces, and comprising the whole continent of Gerenia.

The Meeredrean civilization quickly evolved since then, and founded colonies in Micras (New Calarma, later [Micrasian] Gerenia), and Libertas (Siekeria).

Relation to Gerenia

The Meeredrean authorities found in Micras a place to develop and expand. After choosing the lands where the colonists would settle, the "Operation Exodus" was launched. Millions of people from all over the continent of Gerenia were transported to Micras through several portals.

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