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Konstantin Moudros

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Konstantin Moudros
Physical information
Biographical information
Constancia Constancia
Service/branch Constancian Navy
Years of service

  • Acting Commander-in-Chief, Trans-Euran Command - 1699
  • Yponavarchos (Rear Admiral)
  • Commander, Naval Forces, Aqaba
  • Deputy Commander, Aqaba Command - 1665

Konstantin Moudros is a Constancian military officer with the rank of Yponavarchos (Rear Admiral). Deputy Officer Commanding (DOC) of the Aqabah Regional Command of the Raspur Pact continental theatre command for Eura, Deputy Commander of Aqaba Command of the Constancian Armed Forces, and Commander of Naval Forces in Aqaba.

Assumed temporary command of the Trans-Euran theatre of operations in 1699 AN, after Operation Paramount and the retirement of George Maniakes in the preceding year. Having obtained a Farman confirming his appointment on 1.VII.1699 AN he was obliged to relinquish it again, following allied representations made to the Court of the Autokrator, and formally acknowledged the transfer of command to Stratárchis Abeiron Maniakes on 9.XV.1699 AN. Appointed Governor-General of Zylenisí the next day, 10.XV.1699 AN and granted 1 share in the Company of Merchant Adventurers to New Lands in recognition of his loyalty, silence, and obedience, as well as a long-delayed promotion to Antinavarchos (Vice Admiral), but on the retired list, also effective the same day.